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*Finally gets to live her life that way. No fear. No fences. Nobody. No reins.*

Sooo, a bunch of things have gotten accomplished.
I went to New York for the first time ever!
Coley took me cause shes the best.
It was a whole lotta fun. Coley stepped on a blind man, we saw some girl get arrested and talked to her friends, we waited for Michael Franti and somehow talked to the rest of the band, we walked like 60 blocks total, we went to Central Park... we did a lot.

I booked my flights and hotel for Florida!!
Im going to visit Tom for the day on the 22nd and then the next day we are driving to Orlando and then I got to spend the next four days with Jess!! Let the fun ensue.
I'm very excited. :)

I cleared my conscience of people who were making it negative.
Bet you arent surprised that I have yet to hear back from them.
Yea, me either. But I dont care. :)

Rascal Flatts came out with a new cd a couple weeks ago. I like it a lot. I enjoy their faster songs a lot more this time around.

Heroes is back and its amazing as ususal.
Im busy with work and school AS USUAL.
I feel like I havent really talked to anyone but Coley.
Im so worn out from everything. My weeks are packed.
I talked to Alex last night. Yay. :P
Ive read a couple more books.
Sung a couple more songs.
Laughed a couple more laughs...
Thats about it. :D


*...All she's ever felt is held back.
She says, "It's kinda nice to hear myself laugh".
She's gonna do a lot more of that.
She's makin' plans and makin' tracks.
She said, "Oh, oh I gotta go and find me"
Oh, oh she found the strength to break free...*
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