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*The snow's coming down. Im watching it fall. Lots of people around. Baby, please come home...*

It's almost a week until Christmas and it doesn't really feel like it.
Over the weekend, it started to feel like it, but it hasn't really reached it's peak. Maybe thats because my family decided to wait until this week to begin shopping. This should be fun. I put up some lights outside and raked a LOT of leaves. I wish our leaf blower wasnt broken.
The weather sure fits the Christmas season though. Its cold as hell out there... and no snow. Boo.
I dont even know what I want for Christmas... or rather, what can be bought in stores. I wish that Jess was home... NOW, not in 19 days. Oh, I am SOOOO counting. lol. I wish that Alex was in Jersey and that John would be too. I'm really glad that Tom is coming home, if only for five days. Maybe Christmas won't feel so weird.
I want my best friends back... badly.

I have one more exam to take on Wednesday night and then im done for the semester. Thank goodness. I have to talk to someone to see exactly how much more I have to take to be done at County. Im thinking one class, which kinda sucks cause then i wont have health insurance. :/
We'll see what happens. I hate freakin worrying about this stuff.

I stopped by Jess's house today to drop off her sister's stocking that she gave me when i saw her. It was nice to see all of them. I miss them too. Ill be seeing them all soon tho.

I need to figure out my life. I need to figure out what Im doing or where Im going, because it doesnt feel like anywhere. Im ready to expand and to reach out to things, but they arent there.
I wish I could have some opportunities.
One thing at a time, i guess.


*...They're singing "Deck The Halls",
But it's not like Christmas at all.
'Cause I remember when you were here.
And all the fun we had last year.
Pretty lights on the tree,
I'm watching them shine.
You should be here with me.
Baby please come home...*
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