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*These are some good times, so take a look around.*

As it turns out, I had a really really good Valentine's Day.
I had class and did pretty bad on a test, i think.
Despite that, it was good.
I went out to eat with Todd.
Exchanged my Guitar Hero, so now I have one that works!! :)
I went to Barnes and Noble with Coley.
Then I went to the movies with Jess and Todd to see "Definitely, Maybe". I enjoyed it. I love Ryan Reynolds. <3
Then I came home and talked to Alex for a long time, as usual. Pretty much the only way my day could have been better would be if he was here.
It was a really good day, for no real reason either... possibly because the day before that was an horrible day.

Yesterday I had work, then went right to Jess's.
Basically, we did nothing but play RockBand (rockband!) and Guitar Hero all night, with a few shows thrown in between.
Buuuuttttt I GOT 100% ON A SONG IN ROCKBAND!!! I was playing the drums on MEDIUM too!! :D Thats so exciting. Since I got 100% I got a 506 note streak!! AWESOMEEEEEEE.

Two good days in a row. And it feels like it might be three. <3

*You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this.*
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